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Once your cake changes hands from us to you, you are responsible for its care and welfare. This is a big responsibility, so we've compiled some helpful hints for you to get your cake home and to the table safely.  

Your cake will be packaged in our Bellatino's Kitchen gift box on a silver cake board. Ideally you will have a flat surface in your vehicle to carefully place your cake on, like the floor or boot. If your cake is one of our larger sizes, you may want to bring a supervisor to watch over your cake during the ride home for peace of mind.  

Your cake will come straight from our refrigerator, and preferably go straight into yours. Our cakes taste best at room temperature, so if you’re consuming immediately, you may skip this step. Remove your cake from the fridge one to two hours before serving, depending on the ambient temperature. Carefully remove the acetate (plastic) strip from your cake immediately after taking it from the fridge as this will result in a cleaner finish. If you forget to do this and remove it later you can smooth any rough edges with a hot palate knife.   

Cakes hate heat, so once out of the fridge, keep your cake out of the sun and in the coolest dry area you can find.  

If you aren't eating your cake until the next day, or you haven't managed to eat it all in one sitting, we recommend storing in the refrigerator. If for some unfortunate reason you are not able to consume your cake for more than 24 hours after pick up, wrap the entire box well with Gladwrap and refrigerate.  

Generally your cake will keep for three to four days but for optimum enjoyment we always recommend consumption within 48 hours.